Welcome to SharkWatch: Outer Banks

Something BIG is coming… Can you feel it?

Join us in discovering the wonder and mystery of sharks along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. There are numerous shark species that frequent the waters off our famous windswept beaches. Some names will be familiar such as the great white, tiger and bull sharks. Others, such as the spiny dogfish and dusky shark, are not as well known. From the continental shelf and the hundreds of shipwrecks that comprise the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” to the brackish backwaters of the Pamlico Sound, we will uncover how these misunderstood fish fit into the delicate ecosystem surrounding our chain of barrier islands.

Whether it is shark hunting grounds and nurseries, or shark myths and folklore, we will bring you the sightings, the stories, the science and the research, that paint a picture of life and death playing out just below the water’s surface— hidden behind one of the country’s favorite beach destinations. This will be a first hand interactive experience that brings together science and adventure— as authentic an experience as you will find anywhere. Together we will go on a SharkWatch. Welcome to the real Outer Banks… the adventure starts here. Please join us!